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Abyaneh is a beautiful historic village at the foot of Karkass mountain  and at a distance of 28 km, 70 km to the southeast of Kashan and 40 km to Natanz. This is a village of living traditions, architectural styles (all in red clay), and probably the most interesting example of human adaptation to nature, wherein one can transcend the boundaries of time and space and experience the ancient civilization and culture of Iran. The village is compact, with narrow and sloped lanes, and houses located on the slope as if placed on a stairway. Here, the roofs of some houses are used to serve as the courtyard for other houses higher up on the slope. The language spoken by the literate people of Abyaneh is Parthian Pahlavi. They are deeply committed to honoring their traditions. No matter how well educated a person from Abyaneh might be, he or she puts on the traditional Abyaneh costume on coming back to the village from anywhere in Iran. The women's traditional costume consisting of a scarf with floral motifs and pleated pants, is particularly attractive. The Abyaneh woman is inseparably attached to her wedding gown inherited from her mother, and is expected to pass it on to her daughter. It bears such an intrinsic value of her that she wouldn't sell it at any price.

Abyaneh One of the most attractive to visit in iran is in the village of ABYANE , which was completely Zoroastrian right until the time of the intolerant Safavid Shah Isma'eel I in whose reign most of the villagers emigrated to India or to Yazd. Even today their costume , way of life and ancient dialect are still practically unchanged and for many anthropologists a  reason to travel to iran .  

This village is one of the well known in Esfahan province, The architectural facet in this village along with the rituals and apparel of its inhabitants is a sight to witness. The Jame' mosque of this vicinity with its historical wooden altar dating to 776 AH, and its wooden pulpit dating to 466 AH. and an inscription in the 'kufi' script is greatly valued both as a historical and religious monument.

The Old  Houses:

There are a good number of old houses in Abyaneh, among them the homes of Gholam Nader Shah and Nayeb Hossein Kashi. In addition to the Zoroastrian fire-temple (from the Sassanian period) in the village, there are three castles, a pilgrimage site, three mosques named Hajatgah, Porzaleh, and Jame, all worth a careful visit. Altogether there are eight mosques in the village.

Porzaleh mosque:

built during the Illkhanid reign in the oldest part of the village, has a very vast nocturnal prayer hall. The ornamentations used here look very much like those of the tomb of Bayazid of Bastam, the great Persian mystic

The Jame Mosque of Abyaneh :

It dates back to the eleventh century. There are a number of inscriptions and a manbar (pulpit) in the mosque. The interesting thing is that the pulpit has many features similar to the architectural elements and column heads seen in Persepolis

Traditional clothing of abyane women.  

About 300 m from the Atashkadeh , on the same lane , is an interesting mosque with a probably Safavid entrance and corridor , and next to it , below the present building , another mosque believed to be pre‑Seljuk , with an exceptionally beautiful and unusual carved wooden Mihrab protected by a sheet of glass.

How to go Abyaneh:

Drive for about 42 km to Dehji , along the road to Natanz , south of Kashan; a few kin , further on , see a good gravel road to the west , before the Hinjan bridge , where a sign indicates Abyane and the magnificent Barzrud valley. Some 25 km along this road , passing Hinjan village , you reach Abyane at the bottom of a gorge dominated by a small Mongol fort. The main street goes right through the remains of the 'Atashkadeh' or temple , open on three sides and with a broken dome ,.



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